Toronto LED Retrofit Projects for Commercial Buildings

Industrial and commercial buildings are very prevalent in Toronto and around the GTA. These buildings typically require a lot of lighting, especially larger buildings such as warehouses and factories. LED lights are known to be much more energy-efficient than traditional lighting solutions such as incandescent or fluorescent lighting but at what point does it actually become cost-effective for a commercial building to undergo an LED retrofit project?

The answer is simple – as soon as possible. Continuing to utilize older types of lighting is just wasting money on energy bills and maintenance costs. LED lighting can save as much as 50% every month for hydro costs and typically last five times as long as incandescent lights. That is significant savings in terms of monthly energy bills right away and further replacement cost savings that are realized over the long-term.

Reducing monthly costs will increase the Net Operating Income for the building. Increasing the Net Operating Income by having a building operate more efficiently serves to increase the property value as well. With available Save On Energy Ontario rebates covering as much as 50% of the upgrade costs for LED retrofit projects, the time has never been better to make the switch to high-efficiency, environmentally friendly lighting.

What LED Lighting Retrofit Projects are Available?
What LED Lighting Retrofit Projects are Available?

There are two main types of LED retrofit projects available to upgrade existing lighting solutions. Each option has benefits and drawbacks that should be taken into account to determine which one fits each unique situation.

An LED Relamp is an LED retrofit solution that promises to be one of the simplest and cost-effective ways to take advantage of the benefits of LED lighting. Replacing existing lamps with new LED lamps is a quick and clean project that provide significant hydro savings with reduced capital costs. The extended lifespan of LED lamps can be taken advantage of and these projects are still eligible for rebate programs. The downsides are these bulbs do not last as long as an LED fixture and these types of lamps may not be backwards compatible with the existing ballast. The light levels will also be similar to the existing lighting with any lens imperfections remaining. This type of LED solution is often chosen by tenants of commercial buildings on shorter-term leases.

LED Fixture Replacement is often the ideal solution for LED retrofitting. It provides complete control over light output and placement. LED fixtures simply last much longer and offer excellent lighting options using lower maximum fixture wattage. These types of fixtures offer the ultimate in sustainability while also being the most customizable in terms of aesthetics and light direction. Installations of fixtures take more time and involve larger upfront capital costs though. This type of LED solution is more attractive to owners and long-term leasers as it provides more time to enjoy the additional savings and recoup the upfront costs.

Your Turnkey LED Retrofit Solution Specialists
Your Turnkey LED Retrofit Solution Specialists

InLight Solutions provides complete turnkey LED retrofit solutions for clients across the GTA. From an initial complementary energy assessment straight through the final installation and submitting all rebate paperwork, InLight Solutions takes care of everything to upgrade your LED lighting setup.

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